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Worthington elects new mayor pro tem

WORTHINGTON -- City councilmen chose a new mayor pro tem Monday night and approved their 2006 committee assignments during a meeting with a light agenda.

Councilmen elected Alderman Lyle Ten Haken as mayor pro tem. Ten Haken, in his second term on the council, will assume the post from Lee Hain.

Committee assignments for the council remain unchanged from 2005. They are:

Bob Petrich -- Water and Light Commission; Downtown Parking Advisory Board; Memorial Auditorium Advisory Board; Employee Advisory Committee; WGTN-TV3 Public Access Channel Joint Powers Board.

Mike Woll -- Worthington Regional Hospital Board; Heron Lake Watershed Restoration Association; Employee Insurance Board of Trustees; Convention & Visitors Bureau; Traffic & Safety Committee.

Hain -- Planning Commission; Park and Recreation Advisory Board; Golf Advisory Board; Economic Development Revolving Loan Fund.

Roger Nelson -- Housing & Redevelopment Authority; Prairie Justice Center (City/County Joint Planning); Airport Advisory Board; Transit Board-Joint Powers Board; Okabena Ocheda Bella Clean Water Partnership Joint Powers Board.

Ten Haken -- Economic Development Revolving Loan Fund; Transit Board-Joint Powers Board; Prairie Justice Center (City/County Joint Building); City/County/School Joint Powers Board; Southwest Regional Development Commission.

Mayor Alan Oberloh -- Nominating Committee; Okabena Ocheda Bella Clean Water Partnership Joint Powers Board; Lake Improvement Committee; Liquor/Gambling Committee; City/County/School Joint Powers Board.

Council members also OK'd a one-year agreement with Nobles County for the city to provide financial/audit services.

City Administrator Bob Filson recited a list of ways the county and city are assisting each other with various services, including investigation of welfare fraud, accounting services, prosecution and assessment.

"There are a lot of areas where a lot of counties and cities are double-spending that we don't do," Filson said.

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