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WRH to make parking changes for construction

WORTHINGTON -- Patients and visitors to Worthington Regional Hospital will be confronted by some parking changes in coming weeks.

"Our construction project for the Radiation Oncology Center will begin Aug. 1," said WRH Administrator Mel Platt. "Due to that, we're going to have to make some modifications -- some permanent, some temporary -- to the parking lot at Worthington Regional Hospital."

The handicapped parking area has already been revamped and is now located along the Sixth Avenue entrance (from 10th Street) in front of the main entrance. Vehicles will still be able to drive under the canopy to load and unload patients at the front entrance.

Entry to the parking area will only be gained through Sixth Street and off Seventh Avenue on the southwest edge of the lot. The access from 11th Street and a second entry on Seventh Street near the Southwest Mental Health Center will be closed.

"It's unavoidable with new construction," Platt said about the parking restrictions. "Hopefully, we're going to make it as convenient and reasonable as possible."

The groundbreaking for the Radiation Oncology Center has been set for 10 a.m. Aug. 1, and construction is slated to begin immediately following the ceremony. The construction area will be blocked off with fences within the next couple of days.

"We just ask everybody for the understanding and cooperation during this construction project, and hopefully, in 10 to 11 months, we'll have a very nice addition to the community," Platt added.

Beth Rickers

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