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Good fortune leads to television

WORTHINGTON -- Every outing to chase Minnesota roosters is always a great time. Some hunts stay with you forever, and some you would rather forget.

I had a hunt this past week that will stick with me for a very long time. It was by a twist of fate -- a friend of a friend of a friend knew a gentleman by the name of Bill Sherck. Bill is a television producer for Ron Schara Productions. It is this company that produces the television shows "Backroads with Ron and Raven" and "Minnesota Bound," and now does the production work for Pheasants Forever television.

I received a call several months ago in regard to the possibility of doing an episode about the first land acquisition by a Pheasants Forever chapter in the nation, done right here by Nobles County Pheasants Forever. It purchased a 38-acre parcel that has come to be known as Pheasant Run One. It is located just about 1 1/2 miles northeast of Lake Bella. This was the first of many purchases, and it has become a symbol of the habitat mission for the entire organization.

Bill brought with him a pair of gentlemen from Dallas to experience their first Minnesota pheasant hunt: Rick Pope and Jim Shulin. They own a fishing rod company that specializes in fly rods. That is a story for another time. I was exposed to the big wide world of outdoor television and, boy, was I out of my element.

It is not surprising that any action you can do routinely becomes much more difficult with a camera three feet from your face. It was a very pleasurable few days as we got to know one another and enjoyed some great hunting with another member of the local Pheasants Forever chapter, Les Johnson. He was instrumental to the success of the weekend by sharing some of his privately managed habitat.

We had great success, and the Texas boys went home with their limit of birds and my supersecret sour cream pheasant recipe to try out. The show will air late summer 2007 on Versus -- formerly Outdoor Life Network. The episode was filmed to tell the story about individuals and organizations, and what fuels their desire and motivation in working to restore and improve wildlife habitat and game populations.

They chose well when they decided to put Pheasants Forever in the spotlight. You will have to watch for this episode, and I will remind you in this space in the days prior to its airing. With my new contacts, I just might get to try hunting quail in Texas or fly fishing trout in a southern stream.

Thanks to all the members of the Ron Schara production team. It was our pleasure to have you visit.