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A winding way to Worthington

For me, starting my professional career in Worthington is almost ironic.

Many years ago, more than they would probably like to admit, my parents started their professional careers right here in this area -- making it almost fitting that this is where I'd get my start.

I have found my way to the Daily Globe by way of Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa, and Newell-Fonda High School prior to college.

Going back to my days in high school, I have spent almost six years reporting sports. My start came when I was a junior at Newell-Fonda, where I was recruited to write for my local weekly paper on a part-time basis. For the next two years, I balanced playing sports with writing about sports.

When it was time to decide on a major at college, there was no choice for me -- it had to be journalism.

While at Wartburg, I was a sports writer on the school newspaper for two years, and acted as the assistant sports editor for a year. My senior year was split between being the editor-in-chief and the managing editor.

However, my true claim to fame at Wartburg is that I was the runner-up at the Mr. Wartburg contest my senior year. As a mock beauty pagent featuring the men of Warburg, my balancing a plate on a stick act was not quite good enough for a win, but perhaps the fact that the plate was actually glued hurt my chances.

When I'm not in the office writing about sports or covering a sporting event, I'm usually at home watching sports on TV, or out playing sports. My love in the summer is golfing, and I have been very happy with what seems to be a plethora of golf courses in the area. The only problem I have faced is the lack of time to try each and every one.

As hard as it is to believe, I do other things that have nothing to do with sports. I enjoy watching movies, hanging out and many other things that young adults my age enjoy.

In the weeks that I have resided in Minnesota, I think I have made a smooth transition. Even though I can still watch my Chicago Cubs, I am finding it easier and easier to root for the Twins. Perhaps by the time the playoffs rolls around, I'll be a true Twins fan. Of course, that is assuming that the Twins are in the playoffs, and the Cubs are not. Which, at this point, it would appear the Cubs have the upper hand. However, I will admit, the Cubbies do play in an easier division, giving them a slight advantage.

The tough part for me will come in the fall. As an avid Iowa Hawkeye football fan, it will be a drastic shock to not be able to watch my Hawks each and every Saturday in the fall. While becoming a Twins fan would be an easy transition, making the change to a Gopher fan will be virtually impossible.

However, in the coming weeks and months, I hope to settle in even more, and continue to make the transition to becoming a full Minnesotan.

With sports editor Kevin Kyle, I'm hoping to help improve an already excellent sports section.

While the summer seems to be a little slower in terms of athletic events, Kevin and I are already scheming on improvements that can be made in the fall.