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Trojans look for first victory against Windom

WORTHINGTON -- With two losses by a combined 13 points in the first two weeks of the season, the Worthington Trojan football team will try to get its first win tonight against Windom in a Southwest Conference match up.

Worthington head coach Dennis Hale said his team is feeling pressure in its second conference contest.

"You always put pressure on yourself no matter what you do if you're a competitor -- whether you're playing pingpong or coaching football," Hale said. "If you're competitive, you always put pressure on yourself to do the best you can."

Worthington is coming off a 7-0 loss at the hands of Pipestone Area a week ago.

"I think we did get better a week ago from week one," Hale said. "I saw improvement, especially in our two tackles, Kyle Stock and Andrew Boneschans. Now, if some of the other guys in the line pick up, and those guys continue, we will get better, and we will win."

Windom has not yet played a conference game, but is coming off a 28-6 loss against Blue Earth.

Hale said he expects a power attack from the Eagles.

"They are a power football team," Hale said of Windom. "They line up foot to foot, and they just run over you. We've had a lot of trouble with them over the years, and Windom's had a very successful run of teams in the last 10 to 15 years."

Windom will run an offense similar to what the Trojan defense saw in Worthington's 13-6 loss to Fairmont in the first week.

However, Blue Earth runs the same type of offense as Worthington, so both defenses will have game experience against the other's offense.

"It helps a little bit, but the thing that helps Windom is that they just played Blue Earth, and we run the same offense as Blue Earth," Hale said. "So, it kind of balances out there."

Tonight, Worthington will have a chance to do something it has not done all season -- play at home.

"It's good to play at home; we like playing at home," Hale said. "We always get good crowds and great support, so it's fun to be home now for a couple weeks."

Worthington moved the ball better offensively against Pipestone. Quarterbacks Mike Vorwald and Kyle Vaske combined for 143 yards in the air, while Tim Roos ran for 62 yards on the ground.

Hale said the offense is improving, but with a new system, there is always a transition period.

"We're still going through the growing pains of who to look for and that type of thing," Hale said. "We're just kind of learning on the run, but I see us getting better at that each week."

One key for the Trojans this week will be trying to make a big play on offense.

"We have not made any big plays on offense," Hale said. "Every big play opportunity, whether it's a long run that gets called back by a penalty, or if we have guys open, we over throw them, or we drop the ball. We're 0-for-2007 in making a big play offensively."

On the defensive side of the ball, the Trojans have allowed just 13 and 7 points, respectively, in the first two weeks.

"Our defense has played well as far as scoring defense," Hale said. "Our opponents have had a lot of opportunities, and we've been able to keep them down relatively low in scoring. If we continue to do that and make a few plays, we'll win the game."

Even though the Trojan offense had 214 yards of offense, it turned the ball over four times.

"We've had a lot of turnovers in each of the first two games," Hale said. "In each game, we've had a key drive stopped by a penalty. That wins and loses ballgames."

But for the Trojans and Hale, the No. 1 concern is getting that first victory.

"We need to win a game, so we feel better on Saturday mornings," Hale said. "That's my No. 1 thought, so that's what we're trying to do."