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Kremer to continue quest for Olympics

WORTHINGTON -- Eight months after her fourth-place finish in the U.S.Olympic Windsurfing trials in California, 20-yearold Lisa Kremer has returned to her hometown of Worthington and the waves of Lake Okabena to continue her training.

Kremer, who first picked up a sailboard at age 13, said that while she may not be competing in the 2009 summer games, she's far from giving up on her dreams of Olympic competition.

Two years into her studies at Briar Cliff University in Sioux City, Iowa, Kremer is pursuing a degree in nursing and, in the fall, will take on additional credits for a minor in Spanish.

"I'll be doing school until 2011, when I graduate," Kremer said. "That October will be the next trials.

"I'll be trying to balance windsurfing and school for the next trials," she added. "We'll see where the next trials take me, and if they don't turn out the way I planned, I'll just keep going."

Limited to windsurfing from mid-spring through mid-fall, Kremer spent her off-season lifting weights and running as a member of the Briar Cliff track team.

"I just use that to keep me in shape through the winter," she said.

Kremer's first windsurfing competition of the season was in the Dam Jam Regatta in Des Moines in mid-May, just days after she wrapped up her year of college.

As for her plans this summer, Kremer will compete in the U.S. Nationals and Windsurfing Regatta in Worthington next week, and plans to compete in a regatta in Canada later this summer. She will also spend a lot of time honing her skills on Lake Okabena.

Since late May, Kremer has been training with fellow Olympic hopeful Beth Williamson of England. Williamson and Kremer met last September while taking part in last-minute trials in England before the Olympic quest.

Williamson, who attends college in England and is the same age as Kremer, arrived in Worthington May 30. She will train with Kremer on Lake Okabena until July 6.

"We'll be training a lot," Kremer said. "My plans for next summer are to go to England and stay with her and hopefully do the European tour over there and just do a bunch of events."

A recently named member of the U.S. Windsurfing Association Board, Kremer now serves as the North Central Regional Director for the organization. Outside of her sporting career, she is actively involved in campus ministry at Briar Cliff.

Looking back on her teenage years in Worthington, Kremer said being introduced to the sport of windsurfing in 2001 changed her life.

"I really liked my first lesson," she said.

Her dad promised her a starting board and starting sail if she was interested, and the challenge took off from there.

"I took lessons from my dad and others that summer, and that's how I got started," Kremer said. "I think it's kind of given my life a complete turnaround."

Before windsurfing, Kremer was an up-and-coming basketball player at Worthington Middle School.

"I hurt my knee two years in a row and had to quit," she said. "It was kind of ironic that all of a sudden, windsurfing came along, and my doctor OK'd me to do that."

Julie Buntjer

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