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Regatta food vendors to serve up palate pleasers

WORTHINGTON -- Watching the windsurfing will be a joy, with the beautiful sails and colorful people. The music will keep toes tapping and heads bobbing. But another reason -- a huge reason -- to visit the 2008 Worthington Windsurfing Regatta & Unvarnished Music Festival and U.S. Windsurfing National Windsurfing Championships will be for the food.

Booths and trailers will line the area, serving smoothies to buffalo wings and everything in between. With Indian tacos, spicy shrimp, walleye fingers and smoked bratwurst, there will be something to tempt every taste bud.

At the American Lutheran Church, youth director Jeff McNickle has been talking with his congregation, letting people know their booth will sell pulled pork sandwiches as a fundraiser for the youth program.

"I'm letting them know if they aren't signed up to work, they should stop by and see us," McNickle said. "And making sure they know what's going on. We want to support the Regatta."

McNickle has only been in the Worthington area a few months and is looking forward to watching windsurfing for the first time.

"It should be a neat experience both to be involved in and to see," he said. "I'm really looking forward to it."

In Austin, Kelly and Carolyn Williams and their daughters, Candi and Kim, are looking forward to their third year at the Regatta. For 25 years, they have operated Hog Wild Wings and are excited about watching the national windsurfing championship in Worthington.

Their booth, which serves popcorn chicken, buffalo wings, Idaho nachos and more, keeps them busy, but they still try to take the time to see the sights and listen to music. Their booth has normally been right by the action, giving them a good chance to look around.

With the nationals in town, they are gearing up for a busy few days.

"We will come loaded for a bear," Kelly said. "We'll bring extra freezers, and we cook to order."

Over in Lakefield, Carmen Voehl is preparing the Cheese Carriage for the event. She will serve cheese curds, corn dogs, tator ribbons and hot dogs.

"I'm looking forward to the whole thing," she said, unable to pick out which part of the event is her favorite. "We keep pretty busy, but try to watch the windsurfing when we can."

Altogether, 18 food vendors are expected to hawk their wares on Sailboard Beach: American Lutheran Church, pulled pork sandwiches, chips, beverages; Boy Scouts, Schwan's ice cream; Cheese Carriage, cheese curds, corn dogs, tater ribbons, hot dogs, beverages; Diventuri Concession (formerly Taste Spuds), deep fried mashed potatoes, mac & cheese, crab ragoon, chicken strips, french fries, hamburgers, fresh and frozen lemonade, corn dogs; Eleven Main, steak bites, shrimp bites, hot beef sundae, pork bites; Andy's Foods, mini donuts, slushes; Hog Wild Wings, buffalo wings, boneless buffalo wings, popcorn chicken, buffalo chicken sandwich, spicy shrimp, Idaho nachos and beverages; International Cuisine, gyros, shish-kabob, Greek steak, spiedini, Italian chicken, lemonade and other beverages; Java Nau, smoothies, coffee lattes; Kansas City Bar B Que Ribs, barbecued chicken meals, chopped chicken sandwiches, barbecue ribs, hot dogs, corn on the cob, fruit salad, chips, beverages; Lee's Restaurant, orange chicken, Genera Tsao's chicken, sesame chicken, lo mein, fried rice, egg roll, crab rangoon, beverages; Lions Club, popcorn and cotton candy; Papa Rueben's, walleye fingers, Rueben sandwiches, chicken drummies, skin-on hot dogs, smoked bratwurst, cheese curds, french fries, fruit slushes, silly bars, beverages; P.S. Indian Tacos, Indian tacos, taco salads, elephant ears, nachos, beverages; Swift, ribs and pork chops on a stick; ReMick Enterprises, loose-meat sandwiches, walking tacos, shredded pork barbecue, fresh salsa and chips, beverages; and Tacos Lupe, tacos, tortas, burritos, quesadillas.