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Brief: MPCA issues air pollution advisory

MINNEAPOLIS -- The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) issued an air pollution health advisory for the southern two-thirds of the state of Minnesota, including the Twin Cities, Rochester, St. Cloud, Duluth and the Brainerd lakes area, effective today through Saturday.

Hot sunny weather, light winds and building humidity are creating favorable conditions for high-end moderate ozone and fine particle pollution. Weather patterns are likely to contribute to pockets of unhealthy air across the state, with elevated ozone and particle levels.

People with respiratory or cardiovascular problems, young children, the elderly and individuals who are physically active are considered especially sensitive to elevated levels of air pollution.

People should be prepared to postpone or reduce vigorous activity. Ozone and fine particles can be drawn deeply into the lungs, so activities that lead to deep or accelerated breathing should be reduced.

People are also requested to reduce air pollution by limiting or delaying driving, running gas-powered equipment, building fires or using paints or solvents.