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Two arrested in Nobles County meth case

WORTHINGTON -- A rural Worthington man and a Worthington woman were charged Monday with second- and fifth-degree controlled substance possession and drug paraphernalia after another man who had just been arrested told authorities where he had allegedly purchased his methamphetamine.

The Buffalo Ridge Drug Task Force pulled a man over for speeding on July 29 and was given permission to search his truck. He was later arrested for alleged possession of meth, and told officers he had stopped at the rural Worthington residence of James Matthew Naab to purchase it within the past hour.

The man said Naab had told him he was expecting a shipment of meth later that day or during the morning the next day.

The agents served a search warrant on Naab, 42, on Wednesday and found him in a machine shed on his property. During a pat-down, a coin purse that contained meth was allegedly found in his pocket.

In the kitchen, the complaint states, authorities found Lisa Marie Schmidt, 25, doing dishes. Her purse, located on a nearby counter, contained a scale, two loaded meth pipes and several small baggies.

During the search, agents allegedly located a large amount of meth that later field tested at 18.5 grams. The meth was locate din a safe in Naab's bedroom, along with several long guns.

Also found in the residence were 42.5 grams of marijuana, used meth pipes, bongs, scales and packaging materials.

Both were arrested. After being advised of his rights, Naab admitted he owned and had a key to the safe where the meth was found. He told agents that Schmidt stays at his residence occasionally and knows what is going on. Schmidt declined to give a statement.

Bail was set for Naab at $2,500 and for Schmidt at $1,000. Their next court appearance is 9 a.m. Aug. 12 at the Prairie Justice Center.