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Fareway is on the way

WORTHINGTON -- A 30,927-square-foot Fareway supermarket will be part of Worthington's business landscape sometime next year, it was revealed Tuesday night at a meeting of the Worthington Planning Commission.

Commission members, in a recommendation to be passed along to the Worthington City Council for its consideration, unanimously granted plat approval of 15.31 acres of land acquired by Fareway Stores Inc., of Boone, Iowa, earlier this summer. The land is located 110 feet east of the southeast corner of the intersection of Ryan's Road and McMillan Street.

Fareway is currently building its 95th store in Stewartville -- its first in Minnesota. Matt Sherwood, senior field engineer for Fareway Stores Inc., told commissioners Tuesday that foundation work could begin this fall, with a spring starting time at the latest. Construction of the supermarket is typically an eight-month process, he said.

Approval of the plat would create four commercial lots on the property. The developer will be responsible for the creation of Davis Drive -- which will extend off of McMillan Street onto Fareway property -- as well as a water main and storm drainage system.

The Fareway parking lot will have 166 stalls, according to preliminary plans. A future expansion of 6,790 square feet is also already being planned, Sherwood added.

"If we do very well, we want to provide that space as needed," Sherwood said, noting the Worthington store will already be bigger than existing Fareway locations.

Sherwood said Fareway Stores was founded in 1938 and has most of its locations in Iowa, as well as some stores in Nebraska and Illinois. The family-owned company always has its stores closed on Sunday, as well as on most holidays, citing religious and family priorities for its employees and customers. Typical hours are 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays.

Sherwood said Fareway employees more than 7,000 people in its 95 stores. He didn't know exactly how many the Worthington location would hire.

In another matter on the commission's agenda Tuesday, members heard a proposal from The Meadows that would expand the Worthington facility by 40 units, to a total of 106.

Ryan McGaughey

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