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City administrator negotiations continue

The Worthington City Council called an emergency meeting Thursday to discuss contract requests made by Craig Clark, who has been offered the position of city administrator.

Council approved Clark's request that his start date be moved from Nov. 17 to Dec. 1 to allow him more time to find housing for his family.

The city is also prepared to offer Clark $8,500 in relocation expenses and a monthly car allowance of either $250 or 58.5 cents per mile.

Clark will receive the same health insurance plan as other city employees, meaning he will have all of his own and 50 percent of his family's health insurance costs covered.

Under current negotiations, Clark would likely receive a cost of living increase on Jan. 1, which would raise his salary for 2009 to an estimated $85,500.

He would later have the possibility of merit-based pay increase on his anniversary date in December 2009.

Clark, who was tabbed by the council in a Monday night meeting, has spent the week in negotiations with the city via Sharon Klumpp, a representative of Springsted, Inc., the recruiting firm used by the council.

Council members agreed to begin using Interim City Administrator Gary Hoffmann as a spokesperson for the council, saying it would reduce the possibility for miscommunication. Though contract details have not been finalized, Hoffmann does expect to hear Clark's response to the city's proposals today.