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Men accused of fighting apologize

Two men apologized on Wednesday for their alleged involvement in a fight that occurred last month and involved about 20 individuals.

Tury Escobedo, 25, and Galen Volpendesta, 20, are charged with disorderly conduct. Volpendesta is also charged with "minor in consumption of alcohol."

"I apologize to the community for everything that happened," Volpendesta said after his initial court appearance.

Escobedo also apologized.

"I'm very sorry for the damage that we've done to the community and our school and our coach and our team and our athletic program," Escobedo said.

Many of the individuals involved in the incident are, or were, Dickinson State University students and athletes.

The men said harassment was involved in the incident.

"One of the guys that was there was harassing two females," Escobedo said.

The men declined to elaborate on the situation.

"A lot of this is just a misunderstanding and some people took it way out of proportion," Volpendesta said. "Half the people that are being charged weren't even there."

Elias --, 23, who is charged with felony terrorizing in connection to the incident, also had his initial court appearance on Wednesday.

Kelly Armstrong, who is Huizar's attorney, declined to comment after the hearing.

All three men were released on their promise to appear at future hearings. Huizar's preliminary hearing has not been scheduled, but Volpendesta and Escobedo both have pretrial conferences on Feb. 3.

The charges against the men were filed as a result of an altercation that took place at a residence on Eighth Avenue West. The incident appears to have ensued after a 16-year-old male was assaulted.

Huizar is charged for allegedly pulling a knife at a party and threatening to kill whoever beat up his brother. Escobedo is charged for participating in a fight where a juvenile was kicked and punched and Volpendesta is charged for punching 19-year-old Nick Lang in the face, according to criminal complaints.

Five others facing similar charges had their initial hearings last week and their pretrial conferences are scheduled for Jan. 27. Ruben Solis, who also faces a disorderly conduct charge, entered a not guilty plea in writing and his preliminary hearing is scheduled for the same day.

A burglary occurred at the same home the morning after the fight. Police believe the fight and the burglary are related.

Six people have been charged in connection with the burglary. Their preliminary hearings are within the next few months.