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Drugs, safe taken in burglaries

A burglar or burglars snuck into a home while the residents slept Tuesday night or Wednesday morning, and stole a safe.

The crime was just one of several burglaries reported in the Dickinson area and Belfield within the past few days.

Larry Johnson, Belfield's police chief, reported the Belfield residence was broken into late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning while the residents slept.

Johnson said the safe was taken, but would not disclose the contents.

Doug Kessel, who lives at the home said the safe's contents are worth about $3,500. The safe was in his son's closet, and his son was at work during the incident.

Johnson said it did not appear to be a forced entry.

Kessel said the door wasn't locked and he and his daughter were asleep at the time. They didn't wake up and their puppy didn't alert.

"That's what's really strange," Kessel said.

He added the suspect had to walk past the bedrooms where they slept.

Johnson said no property seemed to be damaged and little evidence was left behind.

"Being that's (the safe) the only thing in the house that they touched, we're guessing that it has to be someone that knew exactly where it was at, which limits the number of people to -- at the very most -- five," Kessel said. "They threw everything out of the closet to get to the safe so we're hoping that on something there's a fingerprint."

Detective Terry Oestreich of the Stark County Sheriff's Department said Tooz Construction was also burglarized between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

Oestreich said Tooz is missing $300 worth of property, but descriptions of the property have not been disclosed.

It was likely a forced entry, Oestreich added.

A house owned by the Dickinson Research Extension Center may have also been broken into during the same time period, Oestreich said.

A window was broken at the house, but Oestrich said it is undetermined how, or if, entry was made. There was nobody inside the home at the time, Oestreich said.

The Dickinson Police Department Thursday released more information regarding a burglary at Clinic Pharmacy that occurred during the same time as the others.

Investigator Amanda McNamee said a lot of blood was found on the scene, so authorities have DNA evidence.

"The suspect sustained some sort of laceration to either the hands or the arms," McNamee said. "If the public sees anybody with bandages around the hands or the arms or knows someone that was just recently cut and it was kind of suspicious as to how they got cut, please let us know."

Though prescription drugs were taken from the pharmacy, McNamee said the burglar alarm may have scared the suspect off, since there was only a small amount taken.

McNamee said there are no witnesses, but there may be fingerprint evidence. No arrests have been made.

"We would appreciate the public's help on this one," McNamee said.

Johnson said it is possible that all the burglaries are related.