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Incumbents prevail in Nobles County commissioner races

WORTHINGTON -- It was a night for the incumbents in the Nobles County races for Commissioner in District 2 and District 5, with Vern Leistico earning 1,096 votes to Lee McAllister's 868 votes in District 5; and Diane Thier taking District 2 with 1,067 votes to Daryl Behrends' 659 votes.

Leistico, a first-term incumbent, said he was a "little leery" about Tuesday's outcome, but in the end, "I'm just very pleased that I won," he said.

"I'm looking forward to serving another four years, and I appreciate and would like to thank everybody that did vote for me," Leistico said.

In the District 2 Commissioner race, Thier battled first through a primary election in which she faced both Behrends and Frank Wieneke.

In her post for the past eight years, Thier said she was concerned this time around because of the state of the economy and the overall sense that people wanted to remove incumbents throughout the political spectrum.

"People know where I stand on things," Thier said. "I look forward to serving another four years."

Thier said she had a lot of support from her constituents after the county's recent decision to close a bridge in Larkin Township that was no longer safe to cross. She said during her next four-year term, the county is going to need to focus on transportation funding.

"I think one of the big things we're going to have to work on is to get money for our roads," she said. "The state never seems to give us enough, and it's going to be a challenge to come up with the money that we need to fix our roads and bridges."

Julie Buntjer

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