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Man gets 27 months for assault

John William Butcher, also known as John William Goodman, 25, of 28050 490th Ave., Ponsford, has been sentenced to more than two years in prison for domestic assault.

According to court records: He came home intoxicated on Aug. 20 and attacked a woman in the household, who was sleeping with a 6-year-old granddaughter on a couch.

He dragged her by the hair into the kitchen, where he punched and kicked her repeatedly in the face, while wearing shoes. He also choked her with a telephone cord, which was still wrapped around her neck when tribal police officers and deputies arrived.

A police officers who first arrived at his residence observed him through a window as he was about to punch the woman as she crouched in a corner. The officer entered and Butcher turned with fist raised as if to strike him. The officer used a taser gun to subdue him.

Butcher pleaded guilty to felony domestic assault on Oct. 9, and a felony charge of domestic assault by strangulation was dropped in a plea agreement.

On Friday, District Judge Joe Evans sentenced him to 27 months in prison, with credit for 87 days served in jail.

He was fined $50 plus court fees and ordered to pay $151 in restitution from his prison earnings.