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Jackson County recount nets 99 challenged ballots

JACKSON -- Eleven hours after they began, those tasked with a hand recount of Minnesota's Senate race in Jackson County recorded 2,422 votes for incumbent Republican Norm Coleman, and 2,107 votes for Democratic challenger Al Franken.

Jackson County Auditor-Treasurer Ben Pribyl said Tuesday morning that there were a "few little issues" during the day, ending with 99 ballots being challenged. Those ballots will now be sent to the Secretary of State's office for the State Canvassing Board to inspect.

Of the challenged ballots, Pribyl said 62 were challenged by the Franken camp, with 37 challenged by Coleman's team.

Most of the people who watched the hand recount in Jackson were from the two political camps, he added.

Despite the high number of challenged ballots, Pribyl said the vote-counting machine did "very well" on the night of the general election Nov. 4.

"Some of those things (challenged on Monday) were so trivial that it shouldn't be an issue," he said. "The state Canvassing Board shouldn't have to deal with that."

Jackson County had one team of three individuals working on the recount.

Julie Buntjer

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