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Woman with drugs avoids prison

Maris Makena Moore, 22, of 40 Viste Terrace, Mohopac, N.Y., was granted a downward departure from the state sentencing guidelines and given a second chance to stay out of prison after being caught selling drugs at 10KLF.

She was charged in Becker County District Court with felony first-degree controlled substance crime -- possession with intent to sell, and felony second-degree controlled substance crime -- possession with intent to sell.

She was also charged with two felony counts of fifth-degree controlled substance crime -- possession.

According to court records: On July 20, 2007, she was caught by security workers at 10,000 Lakes Festival with 198 ecstasy pills, 260 grams of hallucinogenic mushrooms, and $2,850 in cash in her car.

Officers overheard her asking a male companion to take responsibility for the drugs, since she was out on $50,000 bond for drug crimes in Atlantic City, N.J. The man agreed, and later claimed the drugs were his.

When Moore was booked into the Becker County Jail, officers found .9 grams of ecstasy hidden in her bra, along with a baggie of cocaine, and she was found to be chewing on what turned out to be an estimated 42 grams of ecstasy, apparently in an attempt to destroy the evidence.

She pleaded guilty to count 2 on March 20, and the other counts were dropped in a plea agreement. She was sentenced Monday by District Judge Peter Irvine, who sentenced her to 48 months in prison, execution of sentence stayed 25 years.

She was placed on supervised probation for 25 years and ordered to serve six months in jail, with work release and STS privileges granted. She was given 28 days credit for time served and ordered to pay a $1,000 fine and court fees. She must submit to drug and alcohol testing.

Irvine agreed to a downward sentencing departure based on her criminal history score of zero, her cooperative, contrite attitude and desire to stay drug free, and enthusiastic letters of support from her manager at a travel agency and her AA sponsor.