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Donor delivers gold coin

An anonymous person dropped a 2008 American Eagle gold coin off at a Fargo radio station that had a Salvation Army kettle collecting donations Thursday.

The donor bypassed the kettle in front of The Eagle 106.9 FM's Broadway station and left it with the front desk receptionist around 1 p.m., said Shelly Knight, who hosts the morning show with Paul Bougie.

"It sat for four hours before someone told us it was here," she said Thursday. A worker told Knight about the coin around 5 p.m. and the news broke on the air shortly after.

The Thursday donation marks the fourth time in five years that a collector's coin worth more than $100 has been donated to the Fargo Salvation Army during its annual Christmas Kettle fundraising campaign.

"That's amazing. We don't get one every year," Salvation Army Capt. Adam Moore said Thursday. "We can definitely say, 'The Eagle has landed.' "

The American Eagle $25 coin, which is a half-ounce of gold, is believed to be valued at about $425, Knight said.

Knight mentioned on-air Wednesday, "It would be great to have someone bring the coin to our station."

The station was a designated kettle donation spot Wednesday and Thursday.

After learning of the gold coin, DJ "Broadway Boe" broke the news after a selection of songs quit playing.

One of the selections included The Eagles' song "Please Come Home for Christmas," he said. "It couldn't have been more perfect."

Moore said the fundraising campaign is just shy of 50 percent of this year's goal. As of Thursday, about $270,000 had been raised.

The fundraising campaign's goal is $625,000 this year and goes until year's end, Moore said. "We are just continually grateful for the community."