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Worthington men charged with theft from neighbor

WORTHINGTON -- A case of Mountain Dew, some TV dinners and an Xbox sounds like a weekend party if it involves a couple of teenagers, but apparently it appealed to a couple of Worthington men in their 30s as well.

Since they apparently didn't have any or enough of their own, they allegedly stole them from a neighbor's apartment over the weekend. When authorities caught up with them, they began to point fingers at each other.

Jason Robert Kilker and James Allen Wasmund, both of Worthington and aged 31 and 32, respectively, were charged this week with second-degree burglary and theft, with a receiving stolen property added for Wasmund.

According to the criminal complaint, authorities were called to the Sunset Inn on Sunday to investigate a report of theft. The victim reported some items stolen from his room the previous evening. Missing were TV dinners, a case of Mountain Dew, an Xbox 360, three Xbox games and an Ipod, with a combined value of $500 to $600.

The victim said another neighbor had told him she saw Wasmund and another man go in and out of his apartment while he was gone. The witness told authorities she saw Wasmund with the pop and the other man carrying a bag. They had gone inside the apartment twice, she said.

The witness had informed the victim of the alleged burglary shortly after he returned home around 11:30 p.m. Saturday. The following day, the victim called Wasmund and told him to return the items or he would call the police. When Wasmund did not return the items, the victim made good on his threat.

The officer saw Wasmund walk out of his apartment, so he approached him and informed him of the complaint against him, asking for permission to search the apartment.

Wasmund allowed the officer inside, telling him he would not find an Xbox in his residence. Several minutes later, Wasmund said he owned an Xbox, which he then retrieved from under a blanket in the corner of his room. The victim later identified it as his missing game console.

Wasmund was read his rights and asked if he had taken the Xbox. He responded that Kilker had stolen it. After being transported to the Nobles County Jail, he agreed to give a statement. He again claimed Kilker had stolen the Xbox when they had gone to the victim's apartment to collect $10. Because no one was home, he said, he went to his own apartment and Kilker left. Wasmund claimed Kilker showed up later at his residence with the Xbox.

The complaint states Wasmund then changed his story to say they had knocked on the door of the apartment and the door opened, but no one was there. The story changed again when Wasmund allegedly admitted he went inside and took the Mountain Dew. He allegedly confessed he had lied about the Xbox in his apartment belonging to him because he didn't want to get in trouble.

The officer spoke again with the victim and his roommate, and as he left, saw Kilker riding a bike through the Sunset Inn parking lot. He was placed under arrest and brought to the law enforcement center, where he agreed to give a statement. He told the officer Wasmund was owed $10 by the victim, and when they left their apartment, Wasmund said, "Let's go rob them."

Kilker said he didn't want to participate, but ended up going to the apartment with Wasmund, where they took the Xbox and some games. He admitted they went to the apartment twice, taking pop and frozen dinners. His story then changed to an alleged confession of unhooking the Xbox and taking it. The plan, he said, was to sell it to a pawn shop or on the black market and use the money to buy beer and cigarettes. They also wanted to take the computer, he stated, but decided it was too big. He denied seeing or taking an Ipod.

The officer was unable to locate the stolen pop or frozen dinners.

Wasmund has previous convictions of third-degree burglary and fifth-degree criminal sexual conduct, and is on probation for a controlled substance conviction. Kilker has convictions of theft, harassment, fifth-degree criminal sexual conduct, domestic abuse, aiding and abetting in theft, third-degree burglary, indecent exposure, tampering with a motor vehicle and more. He is currently on probation for the domestic abuse conviction.

During a bail hearing Tuesday, it was decided both men would be released on their own recognizance.