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Motel free of bedbug woes

This photo depicts an adult bedbug. Bedbugs have been discovered in a Worthington motel, as well as in a rental house in the Worthington community.

WORTHINGTON -- The owners of a Worthington motel treated for the presence of bedbugs in mid-December want to ensure the public that they have taken every step possible to eliminate the pests from their rooms.

Dipesh Patel said four complete bed sets were purchased to replace the mattresses and box springs in the affected room, as well as two adjoining rooms at the Sunset Inn, 1923 Dover St. The affected bed sets were destroyed.

Carpets were shampooed, furniture was removed and treated, and the room was fumigated in immediate response to the Dec. 16 report, Patel said. Over the course of the next two weeks, the entire motel was fumigated in phases to allow for them to continue doing business.

"We did our best and we took care of the issue," Patel said. "It's safe, and there are no more issues with these bedbugs."

Nobles-Rock Community Health Services Sanitarian Jason Kloss has inspected the premises several times since the report was made.

As Kloss explained to the Daily Globe in an article published Jan. 15, bedbugs "are an opportunistic type of creature -- they will infest any type of home (or motel)."

Bedbugs can often be transported via luggage, making them easily spread.

"We didn't put these into place purposely -- it just occurred," Patel said. "It's not an issue that occurs only in hotels -- it occurs anywhere. We did (the cleaning) through the standards that Jason gave to us."

Patel said he has pest control stop in once per month at the motel to "make sure that these problems that may occur are prevented from occurring."

Julie Buntjer

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