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Video recorder found in locker room

GRAND FORKS - Authorities are looking into an incident involving a video recorder found in a women's locker room at the Grand Forks Air Force Base, a base spokesman said today.

"There was an incident in the gym," Sgt. James Croxon said. "It's under investigation now."

Croxon said the incident occurred Friday, but had few details to provide.

He said he did not know if the video recorder had captured footage of anyone changing or undressed, or how long it had been in the locker room.

Croxon said he did not know exactly where the camera was found, but said it was not out in the open. "It wasn't on a tripod in the aisle way," he said.

He said the person or persons responsible for putting the recorder in the locker room could face charges, but he was not certain whether those would be in the military or civilian judicial system.