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Brown's Shoe Fit Co. completes remodeling

WORTHINGTON -- Steve Collins, owner/manager of Brown's Shoe Fit Co., has always been fascinated with the fashion angle of the shoe business, but these days, he said, he is more concerned with what feels good.

The fit and comfort level of a pair of shoes, he explained, can have an impact on a person's whole body.

Recently Brown's underwent a major remodel, something that has not happened for 15 years, and Collins is well pleased with the light and modern look of his store.

"We updated the whole look," he said. "New carpet, new displays, a new awning, windows and doors."

The ceiling was lowered and new lighting has brightened the store.

The construction work was a massive undertaking, because Collins kept his business doors open the entire time, which was a challenge, especially during the deconstruction phases.

"But it went very smoothly for what we did," Collins admitted. "Now you cannot even recognize the place from what it was in the past."

Brown's carries some of the better quality shoes around, Collins stated, and prides itself on having the best quality shoes available in the country. With brands such as SAS, Dansko, New Balance and Clarks, customers can find footwear ranging from everyday wear to dress, with athletic and casual in between.

Recently a new line of boots was added, Timberline Pro, which Collins said comfort-wise is the "best thing out there." The store also has a line of shoes called MBT that have rocker bottoms.

"You exercise just by walking in them," Collins explained. "It's better for your legs and posture."

The store carries shoes for men in sizes 9-13, but also has a few size 8 and 14 shoes. In women's sizes, Brown's has 6 ½ to 11 in most shoes, plus a few size 12 pairs. For those with hard-to-find sizes, Collins said he is always willing to try to find them.

He carries a complete line of shoe care products and insoles, as well as Smart Wool socks and some accessories.

Collins welcomes the public to "come in and check out the new digs."

Brown's, located at 324 10th St., is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.