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Caterpillar layoffs won't hurt AgCo

JACKSON -- Although Caterpillar Inc. cut 20,000 jobs Monday after a plunging profit report, the production of Caterpillar Challenger brand track tractors in Jackson's AgCo facility will continue, a company representative said Monday.

AgCo owns the facility in Jackson. It purchased the design, assembly and marketing rights to the Challenger from Caterpillar in 2002 and its business operates independently of Caterpillar.

"We acquired the rights and we will continue to manufacture (them)," said Nancy Klentak, AgCo's Corporate Communications Manager.

All eight models of Challenger track tractors are built at AgCo Corporation's Jackson facility.

Caterpillar engines and components are used in some of the Challenger products, including combines, according to AgCo's corporate Web site.

Klentak was confident that AgCo would still be able to get the parts it needs for the Challengers.

"They may have laid off 20,000 people, but they still have 100,000 people," Klentak said. "We're going to get our parts."