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Standoff in Murray County

WOODSTOCK -- An armed standoff in Murray County Tuesday night ended with the arrest of two rural Woodstock men.

Richard Leo Derksen, 66, of rural Cameron Township, was charged Wednesday with second-degree assault and terroristic threats.

Richard Edwin Hardy, 38, was arrested on suspicion of an order for protection violation and a felon in possession of firearms. He had not been formally charged as of Wednesday afternoon.

The complaint states the Murray County Sheriff's Office was directed to a rural farm site, where dispatch advised there was an active shooter incident at the residence, with both the shooter and the complainant still inside. Buffalo Ridge Drug Task Force agents also responded, along with a Minnesota State Trooper.

Murray County Chief Deputy Randy Donahue and other law enforcement personnel coordinated instructions through the dispatcher, with the dispatcher instructing the complainant and the assailant to follow the commands of the officers.

"The call came in as shots fired and an individual barricaded in a bedroom," Donahue said Wednesday afternoon. "When we got to the scene, we had no way of knowing how many people or firearms were in the home."

After a 10-minute standoff, the complainant, Hardy, exited the home and moved toward law enforcement officers. Soon afterward, Derksen also exited and walked toward authorities, where he was handcuffed and detained.

"The dispatcher we had on duty, Jacki Jurrens, was able to talk both parties out of the residence," Donahue said. "Her calm and professional disposition potentially saved people from serious injury or death in a very stressful situation. She prevented us from having to go in at gunpoint and get them out."

Authorities found a punctured can of carburetor cleaner on the deck of the residence and evidence of what appeared to be a gunshot hole in a bedroom door, as well as more holes in the nearby wall.

Hardy was transported to the Murray County Sheriff's Office for a formal interview, where he alleged Derksen had been drinking alcohol and is prescribed a variety of medications. He said Derksen owns the residence and used to be married to Hardy's mother.

"(He) is the closest thing to a father I have," Hardy reported, "But this is it. He tried to kill me. I'm lucky I'm alive."

Hardy admitted he has been paying Derksen each month to live at the farm.

He said Derksen started acting crazy and yelling at him Tuesday night, so he told him to leave him alone and went in his bedroom. He closed the door, he said, and soon afterward, bullets came ripping through the door. One allegedly struck the can of carburetor cleaner within a few feet of where Hardy was standing.

Derksen allegedly had to be physically restrained so he could be brought to the hospital for a blood draw. He had refused to give a urine specimen and verbally debated the judge's orders to give the blood sample.

In the presence of several officers, Derksen allegedly threatened one officer, saying he would shoot him in the head if he came back to his farm place.

As of Wednesday night, both men were being held at the Nobles County Jail. Derksen had an active order for protection against Hardy, which the younger man violated when he moved into the house.

Hardy has previous convictions of third-degree burglary, possession of marijuana, disorderly conduct and more, and is currently on probation in Anoka County.