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Community Foundation of Osceola County awards 27 grants today

SIBLEY, Iowa -- The Community Foundation of Osceola County will present 27 grant awards, totaling more than $90,100, during a ceremony at 5 p.m. today at the Sibley Senior Center. The event is open to the public.

In its fourth year of philanthropic existence, the foundation is a vehicle for charitable giving to benefit Osceola County. Through the endowment funds, a permanent source of charitable assets has been established to meet emerging and existing needs of the county.

The mission of the CFOC is to foster private giving, strengthen service providers and improve conditions of the Osceola County area. It promotes endowment building, community, grant writing, organizational collaboration and public leadership.

The foundation, which has representation from all parts of the county, received requests from 32 charitable organizations and communities totaling $107,352.50.

Projects to receive grants for 2008-2009, and the amount awarded, are as follows:

l Osceola Community Hospital, $3,500. Project: Provide support for Bright Beginnings to establish a location in the Sibley downtown to sell donated used furniture.

l Sibley Firefighters Association, $3,500. Project: Build a pump and regulator system for grass rig/quick attack pumper vehicle.

l Sibley-Ocheyedan Choir Boosters, $3,500. Project: Purchase "Wenger" choral risers and Show Choir performing flat risers for S-O Choir.

l Sibley Prairie View Corridor Committee, $3,500. Project: To help pay for and install the Sibley Welcome signs.

l Sibley Chamber of Commerce, $3,459. Project: To develop, publish and distribute two promotional brochures featuring Sibley and Osceola County.

l Sibley Kiwanis Youth Center Committee and Sibley Recreation Department, $2,973.50. Project: To rehabilitate and better equip the Sibley American Legion building to offer programs for County youths.

l Sibley-Ocheyedan Band Boosters, $3,500. Project: Resources will be used to purchase a trailer for the S-O Band.

l Bright Beginnings, $3,500. Project: Replace glider rocking chairs; obtain art supplies, books, and music CDs; purchase a dishwasher and enhance the security system.

l Harris Area Economic Development Corp., $3,500. Project: Install a hanging furnace in Harris gym and update building's electrical wiring.

l Melvin Area Economic Development Corp., $3,200. Project: Complete Phase 2 to landscape an empty lot on Main Street Melvin.

l Sibley Pride and Involvement, $3,500. Project: Purchase a moveable stage for public events.

l Melvin Fire Department, $3,500. Project: Update out-dated air bottle equipment for use by the volunteer firefighters.

l Ashton American Legion Post No. 290, $3,500. Project: Purchase energy efficient windows to replace four windows in the main hall; install energy efficient lights in the new storage room; and acquire 12 new seminar tables along with other accessories.

l Ocheyedan Senior Activity Center, $3,500. Project: Complete the repairs to the Senior Activity center's roof.

l Harris Fire Department, $3,500. Project: Acquire needed appurtenances, hoses and nozzles and to install a hose reel in the department's new used fire pumper vehicle.

l Osceola County Veterans Memorial, $3,500. Project: Erect a Veterans Memorial at Hawkeye Point.

l Osceola Community Hospital Inc., $3,500. Project: Acquire a second striker emergency bed/cart for emergency room care.

l Ocheyedan Public Library, $2,000. Project: New copy machine for the library.

l DeBoer Grocery Museum/Osceola County Historical Society, $3,500. Project: To renovate museum consisting of replacement of the foundation sills for door; installation of support studs for windows; replacement of front panels with cement board panels; replacement of siding; restoration of balcony and painting.

l Sibley Public Library, $3,500. Project: Purchase of young adult furniture for the library.

l McCallum Museum/Osceola County Historical Society, $3,500. Project: Resources will be used to preserve and reproduce select historical photographs from the museum's collection of 19th and 20th century photographs.

l Osceola County Sheriff's Department, $3,500. Project: Partnering effort between the Osceola County Sheriff's Office and the Family Crisis Centers of Northwest Iowa by having a one-day specialized training for officers in the proper response to domestic violence calls.

l Sibley Ambulance Volunteers, $2,220. Project: Purchase and install a new emergency communications radio (replacement of old outdated radio) in one of the county ambulances.

l Sibley-Ocheyedan FFA Chapter, $3,500. Project: To develop a five-acre campground directly north and across the road from Hawkeye Point.

l Ocheyedan Park Committee, $3,500. Project: Acquire children's playground equipment for the Ocheyedan Municipal Park.

l May City Ambulance, $3,500. Project: Resources are to be used to acquire special emergency equipment and cot for the ambulance.

l Ashton Area Economic Development Corp., $2,796.30. Project: To clean up Ashton pond by installing a wastewater disposal system to prevent any further water contamination.