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Man sought on drug charges

WORTHINGTON -- A warrant has been issued for the arrest of Ladislado Dominguez, 24, of Worthington, also known as "Lalo." Authorities believe Dominguez may have left the state of Minnesota.

He is wanted in connection with two packages of marijuana seized in December after they were sent via UPS to Worthington from Texas. Dominguez was charged Tuesday with third-degree controlled substance possession conspiracy and second-degree controlled substance sale conspiracy.

Two other men have already been charged in connection with the marijuana seizure: Lalo's brother, Fernando Dominguez of Worthington; and Bernardo Castaneda-Villarreal of Mission, Texas.

According to the criminal complaint, a confidential informant (CI) met with a Buffalo Ridge Drug Task Force agent and said Fernando had approached and asked for an apartment to ship marijuana to from Texas. Fernando and his wife were allegedly planning to drive to Mission and would be shipping two large packages back to Worthington, the CI said. In December, the CI told the agent the first package had been shipped to an address on College Way.

Authorities contacted the UPS office in Slayton, and the company agreed to hold the package pending a search warrant. Assistance was obtained from the Murray County K-9 deputy for a K-9 sniff of the package. The K-9 indicated positive for drug odor. Executing a search warrant, agents opened the package and found approximately 41 pounds of marijuana.

The package was delivered to the College Way address, where it was picked up Dec. 23 by Castaneda-Villarreal. He was arrested and taken to the law enforcement center, where he told agents he lived in Mission and had come back with friend Lalo. He said he saw Lalo package the marijuana and heard the brothers discuss how the package would be shipped.

Fernando was also arrested and denied knowing anything about a package sent from Texas or the marijuana business.

A second package weighing approximately 42 pounds was seized a few days later.

Castaneda-Villarreal is scheduled for a plea hearing March 3. He is currently being held in the Nobles County Jail. Fernando Dominguez, whose bail was set at $60,000, was released from jail on bond days after his arrest and is scheduled to go on trial in October.

As for Lalo, authorities think he has left the state. Records indicate his driver's license is suspended due to failure to appear in court or pay fines.