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Saberi's parents write to Iran

FARGO - Reza Saberi wrote an open letter to a top Iranian official Thursday, demanding his daughter's release for "humanitarian reasons."

"Roxana is psychologically under pressure, and we are afraid she might hurt herself," Reza Saberi told The Forum. "I know Roxana is pretty sensitive, and this kind of hardship is very bad for her."

Roxana Saberi, a Fargo native and freelance journalist, has been imprisoned in Tehran, Iran, for more than six weeks.

In a letter addressed to the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Reza Saberi called for her release, especially in light of recent claims by officials that she will be released soon.

The family's Iranian lawyer saw Roxana Saberi on Thursday, reporting to her father that, "psychologically, she was in bad condition," he said. "She was very disappointed and frustrated."

Reza Saberi will join North Dakota Sen. Byron Dorgan for an interview with National Public Radio on Saturday.