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Womens Expo: Finds of the day

Now: "Why Can't I sleep? Sleep Deprivation in Women"

at 11 a.m.: "Eat Bright, Eat Right"

Welcome to my blog, live from the Daily Globe Women's Expo! I'm reporter Laura Grevas, and I'll be posting throughout the morning, sharing the fun, exciting (and free) things I find.

Dr. William Avery is currently giving a presentation about sleep deprivation in women, and it's almost standing room only in the audience.

I thought the talk might put me to sleep...zzz... but there's far too much excitement for that. In the hour I've been here, I've snagged a free muffin (Schwans), learned about healthful eating (Hy-Vee) and green cleaning products (Shaklee), snagged more free snackies from Hi Lo Catering (they have chocolate fondue)and learned about a cool new Web site that lets you post what you are grateful for (more about that later)

As far as I can tell, the vendors here fall into a number of categories:

health and fitness, home decor (decorations, photography, countertops), traditionally "girly" items like purses, makeup and jewlery to your hearts content, and free food (is that a category? It should be).

More on the Expo coming soon!