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Women's Expo: What every woman wants

What does every woman want? Nail polish and sleep, of course.

I thought I'd update you on the sleep deprivation in women presentation I wrote about earlier. Here's a couple of tips from the speakers for getting some decent shut-eye.

Take a warm bath, lower the room temperature, darken the bedroom and wear eyeshades and earplugs, and avoid caffeine and alcohol before bedtime. There was also some advice I hadn't heard of before: wear socks. "The extra layer can help improve circulation throughout your legs, which can help you fall asleep faster," reads the handout.

I also spoke with a freshman at the Jackson Campus of Minnesota West, who is in the cosmotology program there. She told me about The Fringe Salon and Spa School on the campus, where they offer all the usual salon services: manicures, pedicures, waxing, hair cuts, etc. Look for the Minnesota West booth. They aren't offering manicures exactly, but they will paint your nails with some fancy polish for free.

Food columnist Sue Doeden is also going to speak again at 1:30 about healthy and quick meals, and all Women's Expo-goers are about to enjoy samples of salad and chili. So come quick! And bring your appetite!