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Snowmobilers allegedly stalked

WADENA - Three area men face stalking and harassment charges after allegedly following two 18-year-olds who were on snowmobiles.

Eric Halan Samuelson, 21, of Parkers Prairie, Tyler David Schwartz, 18, of Bluffton, and Joshua Jon Kern, 18, of Wadena, were each charged this month in Wadena County District Court with two counts of harassment -- stalking -- intent to injure and two counts of harassment -- stalk/follow/pursue.

According to court records, on Jan. 20, police received a complaint that two snowmobilers had possibly been shot with a BB or pellet gun. The two 18-year-old victims said they were riding their snowmobiles in Wadena when a green pickup truck began following them, tried to cut them off, and hit them. They drove their snowmobiles to Verndale and saw the same green pickup sitting in a parking lot there. When they went by, both said they felt something like a BB or pellet hit them. Neither reported seeing a gun.

Court records said the pickup was located by police near Wadena County Roads 104 and 66. All three of the truck's occupants admitted to following the snowmobiles because one had "sprayed rocks" at the pickup truck. All three denied shooting anything at the snowmobiles. Officers searched the truck but didn't find any weapons.