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Brief: Walz requests $103 million for Highway 14; plans for Highway 60 unknown

Rep. Tim Walz

MANKATO -- Congressman Walz announced Tuesday he will be requesting $103.1 million for Highway 14 in the new Surface Transportation Bill being written by Congress.

This request would provide funding for four segments of Highway 14. Walz is also requesting $7 million for 55th Street and $15 million for 65th Street in Rochester.

"We need a 21st century transportation corridor that efficiently moves people, goods and services throughout the region," Walz said in a news release. "As we all know, the Highway 14 corridor is among the deadliest highways in America. Now is the time to upgrade this critical infrastructure, and create jobs. These projects will help bring key economic development investments and put people back to work."

It is still unknown whether Walz will also request funding for the Highway 60 four-lane expansion project slated to begin in 2010. Walz will announce his final priorities for the Surface Transportation Bill Thursday.