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Drug arrest made

SLAYTON -- An alleged drug dealer from Hanley Falls learned the hard way to turn off his cell phone when being pulled over by law enforcement. During a traffic stop, a state trooper confiscated a cell phone that received several text messages inquiring about marijuana purchases during and after the bust. Another passenger's phone contained drug-related photos.

Drug possession charges were filed this week against Craig Allen Jacobson, 24, who ended up handing cash, paraphernalia and a 2000 Ford Taurus over to the Minnesota State Patrol last month when the Murray County K-9 Unit located marijuana in the vehicle.

Jacobson was charged this week in Murray County District Court with a felony level controlled substance crime, possession of marijuana, possessing marijuana in a motor vehicle and possessing drug paraphernalia.

According to the criminal complaint, a state trooper observed the Taurus going north on Minnesota 59 at a high rate of speed. The trooper saw the Taurus pass several other vehicles, at times in excess of 85 miles per hour. After stopping the car, the trooper approached and could smell marijuana. The driver, a 23-year-old female from Hanley Falls, admitted she had been going a bit fast. There were three passengers in the car.

The front passenger, Jacobson, identified himself as the owner of the vehicle and gave the trooper permission to bring a K-9 unit to the scene. The trooper waited for the K-9 unit to arrive before removing anyone from the vehicle.

"As I sat in my squad, I could smell the odor of marijuana coming from the driver's license (Stauffer) provided to me," the trooper wrote in his report.

After the K-9 unit arrived, the deputy walked the dog around the vehicle. He told the trooper the dog alerted on three of the car's four doors on the first pass.

The deputy and trooper then systematically removed the passengers from the vehicle, patting each down. The driver had been removed prior to the dog's search to take control of a small dog from inside of the vehicle.

While the deputy was patting Jacobson down, he noticed the smell of marijuana and could see green plant material on the exterior of his clothing.

Jacobson allegedly told the deputy he had placed marijuana in a cup on the center console of the vehicle. The trooper looked in the cup and found it partially full of soda and pot. Then Jacobson stated he hoped another passenger didn't put his marijuana in the cup also.

No illegal items were found on the other vehicle occupants, but a backseat passenger said he and Jacobson had been smoking marijuana in the vehicle and that there was some pot in the pouch behind the front passenger seat.

The trooper found several empty baggies and one that wasn't empty, along with marijuana seeds. At that point, the trooper decided to bring the car to the Murray County Law Enforcement Center for a search.

"It should be noted that Jacobson and (the other male) were continuously trying to convince me and the trooper to just give them a ticket for small amount of marijuana and let them go," the deputy wrote in his report. "This attempt to minimize the situation by the suspects ... was an indication of criminal activity more serious than a petty misdemeanor small amount of marijuana charge."

After being brought to the Murray County Jail, it was discovered that Jacobson allegedly had more marijuana in his shoes. He later allegedly admitted he had put it in his shoes when he discovered the pot wouldn't all fit in the cup.

In the vehicle, authorities found digital scales, more than 100 grams of suspected marijuana, plastic baggies and two cell phones. Jacobson's phone rang numerous times during the incident, and the text messages included what the deputy referred to as "obvious inquiries from callers wanting to purchase marijuana." The second phone belonged to one of the back seat passengers and allegedly contained photos of the woman holding what appeared to be large amounts of illegal substances and other drug-related photos.

Jacobson has previous convictions of disorderly conduct, receiving stolen property, possessing marijuana, drug paraphernalia and at least six convictions for driving after revocation. He is currently on probation from a conviction in Yellow Medicine County.

He is scheduled for a first appearance Oct. 19 in Murray County District Court.