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Two nabbed for armed robbery

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PIPESTONE -- Luis Antonio Torres and Ronald Alexander Hernandez are currently guests of the Pipestone County Jail after being arrested Tuesday for an armed robbery at Cid's Latin Grocery Store in Pipestone.

The men reportedly robbed the store on Southeast Eighth Avenue around 3:30 p.m.

According to Pipestone County Sheriff Dan Delaney, the store clerk identified the assailants as two Hispanic men, and a customer described their white vehicle.

A short time after the robbery was reported, a Pipestone County deputy noticed two Hispanic males in a white vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed on a gravel road south of Pipestone. Delaney said the vehicle went faster when its occupants noticed the deputy.

"They sped up after they saw his squad," Delaney explained. "They appeared very nervous."

The deputy pursued the vehicle for more than two miles before the driver lost control and it careened into a ditch.

"The suspects ran off into a cornfield near a farm yard," Delaney said.

Because the field was large, the sheriff's office called for a helicopter with heat-seeking equipment, which belongs to the Minnesota State Patrol and is kept in the metro area. They also put out a call for a K-9 unit to back up the Pipestone County K-9 unit, but before the back-up K-9 unit or the helicopter could arrive, the men were taken into custody.

"One suspect came out of the grove area on his own," Delany reported. "The other was apprehended by our K-9 unit in the field."

Both suspects, Delaney added, were taken into custody within a half hour of their vehicle driving into the ditch.

"We're still investigating as I speak to you to now," Delaney said. "But we have recovered evidence from the robbery and have two suspects in custody."

As of Wednesday afternoon, Torres and Hernandez were scheduled to appear in court this morning.