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Worthington teen charged in alleged Windom assault

WINDOM -- An 18-year-old Worthington man was sentenced Wednesday to serve 100 days in the Cottonwood County Jail after pleading guilty to third-degree assault.

Bounon Oun Tonsay, 18, will be allowed to use work release and the Sentence to Serve program to fulfill his commitment to the courts, and will be on probation until 2013.

The alleged assault took place in May, but charges were filed earlier this week. Scheduled for a first appearance, Tonsay filed a petition to enter a guilty plea and a second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon charge was dismissed.

According to the complaint, a victim reported to authorities on May 5 that he had been assaulted the previous evening. He said he and a friend went to Windom, visited another man, then went to the Cottonwood Lake Park to hang out. The victim said there were approximately 15 to 20 other kids at the park, but he did not know their names.

The victim told authorities a car pulled into the parking lot driving fast, and four Asian males got out and approached him, wanting to fight. One had a crowbar, the victim said, and another had a knife. He was then punched in the face and fell to the ground, where he said others kicked him in the face. He thought the male with the crowbar was going to hit him with it, he said. He was knocked out, he said, and doesn't remember anything else until waking up in the hospital in Worthington around 2 a.m.

The victim ended up with a black eye, bruises and a broken nose.

His friend, when questioned, said the victim had been drinking before heading to the park and was drunk and stumbling around. The friend had no idea why the males wanted to fight the victim. He said the victim told the males he did not want to fight and was walking away when one of them hit the victim and knocked him to the ground. The friend said the male with the crowbar had raised it to hit the victim when the friend intervened. The male with the knife, the friend said, came at him and was tackled by another person at the park.

The friend said he carried the victim to the car and was able to wake him up a bit by shaking him. They went first to his house and then to the Worthington hospital.

A witness to the fight said she saw Tonsay punch some drunk guy in the face and kick him while he was on the ground. She said Tonsay was there with friends and walked up to the drunk guy and asked if he was talking about him. The drunk guy, she said, told Tonsay he didn't know him, then Tonsay punched him. The witness said she saw Tonsay holding something, but thought it was a baseball bat.