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Windom: Two charged in alleged consensual sex case

WINDOM -- A man and woman from Windom have been charged in an alleged consensual sex case involving a 14-year-old girl, according to a criminal complaint filed through Cottonwood County District Court.

Nathan Orion Haberman-Burch, 19, and Bronica Marie Gray, 18, each face a felony charge. Haberman-Burch faces a third-degree criminal sexual conduct charge, and Gray faces a charge for aiding and abetting third-degree criminal sexual conduct.

The complaint states authorities spoke with the 14-year-old victim, who said she was at Gray's house in the early morning hours of Nov. 1 when they received a call from Haberman-Burch. They walked to his apartment, the victim said, and Haberman-Burch and Gray were texting messages back and forth between them when he mentioned he wanted a virgin. Haberman-Burch and Gray went into a bedroom, then Gray came out and asked the victim if she wanted to join them to have sex.

The victim said she believed Gray did not want her to feel left out. She said she thought about it and decided to do it.

After Haberman-Burch allegedly had sex with each of them, they all sat around for a while before he asked them to leave, stating he had to get up early for church. The two females then walked back to Gray's house.

Authorities spoke with Gray, who allegedly said the three of them were sitting around and all agreed to go in the bedroom and have sex. When the officer pointed out that even if consensual, the victim was still only 14 years old, Gray stated she had been sexually active since she was 13 and didn't think anything of it.

The officer spoke to Haberman-Burch, who said Gray had pressured him into having sex with both of them and had told him the victim was 16.

Gray later told the officer she had told Haberman-Burch the victim was 14.

Both Haberman-Burch and Gray were picked up Thursday on the charges, and both were released on their own recognizance.