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Man charged with assault

JACKSON -- A 23-year-old Windom man has been charged with assault for at least the sixth time in three years and faces up to five years incarceration for the felony fifth-degree assault count.

Robert Kenneth Moore, who previously resided in the St. Cloud area, has been convicted of a multitude of charges since 2007 in Stearns County and in the St. Louis-Duluth courts.

The charges for which he has pleaded guilty in the past include domestic assault, fifth-degree assault, felony domestic assault by strangulation, theft, disorderly conduct, harassment and violating an order for protection. Each case involved a plea agreement, with charges such as terroristic threats, drug possession, false imprisonment and more dismissed as part of the plea.

Moore currently has a handful of case files in various district courts that are under court jurisdiction, owes more than $1,400 in fines, has used the services of court appointed public defenders in at least seven different cases and is on probation until June 2011.

The criminal complaint, filed in Jackson County District Court, states authorities were dispatched to Robertson County Park near Loon Lake shortly before 1 a.m. Friday to investigate a complaint of drunken kids being loud and fighting.

As a deputy entered the park he encountered Moore, who was bleeding from the nose and mouth and had blood smeared over his face and arms. Moore allegedly spoke to the deputy incoherently, appearing very injured, intoxicated or both. The deputy was able to understand very little of what Moore said, other than he had been in a fight and had hit another individual.

While Moore spoke with one deputy, another attempted to locate the victim, who allegedly ran from the scene when law enforcement arrived. The first deputy heard someone yell for help and thought it might be the second deputy, so he ran to that location and found the victim as he was emerging from the woods. The victim appeared beaten, bloody and intoxicated. The complaint states he was jumping around in an anxious manner.

The girlfriends of both men were present. Moore's girlfriend stated the two men had been in a physical altercation at the victim's apartment complex earlier in the evening and a Jackson police officer had been sent to the scene. She said Moore had hidden in the apartment and they had told the officer the other man was yelling because he had lost a grandparent. After the officer left the men made up, then they all decided to go for a drive, she stated. The other man drove Moore's vehicle, and when they arrived at the park he allegedly began to drive erratically, swerving through the park and spinning circles in the vehicle. At one point he crashed the car into a tree, causing extensive damage to both the vehicle and the tree, she said.

According to Moore's girlfriend, this caused the men to argue again and a fight ensued. She said at one point Moore had slammed the victim's head between the door of the car and the door jam, and also struck him with a crutch belonging to the victim's girlfriend.

During Moore's statement, he said only that he was involved in a fight and did not recall the specifics.

Later that morning, the deputies spoke with the victim, who allegedly stated Moore had chased him and thrown him to the ground, dragged him around a bit and put him in a choke hold. The victim said he believed he was punched and kicked also, but was not sure when or where that occurred. He said he was also hit on the head with the end of the crutch while he was lying on the ground.

A bail amount was set Friday for $10,000 with the conditions that Moore abstains from drugs and alcohol and has no contact with the victim. He is also to maintain contact with his attorney, and an order granting him a public defender was approved. His next court appearance is scheduled for Dec. 7.