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Former Fulda man charged with possession of weapon

christopher daniel hawkinson

WORTHINGTON -- A man who escaped from a mental health unit two years ago and was picked up several days later is now accused of being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Christopher Daniel Hawkinson, 26, currently of Marshall, was living in rural Fulda in October 2007 when he was placed on a mental health hold because he was feeling homicidal. He escaped several days later, but was captured two days later after a brief pursuit and eventually civilly committed for mental illness and chemical dependency.

He was charged Monday with a felony and two gross misdemeanors in conjunction with his alleged possession of a .22 caliber rifle. He admitted to authorities he had taken the rifle from an outbuilding belonging to a friend of the family. He then remembered he wasn't allowed to possess a firearm, so he brought it to his grandfather's residence.

Hawkinson admitted the possession after he was arrested for violating a harassment restraining order earlier this month. The complaint states the victim called authorities Nov. 18 after Hawkinson came onto her property and pounded on the door. She didn't answer the door, she said, and he eventually went away.

The restraining order had been served to Hawkinson less than a week prior on the basis Hawkinson had made uninvited visits to her home, frightened her with threatening behavior and broke into her residence.

A Nobles County deputy was unable to locate Hawkinson after he allegedly stopped at the victim's acreage, but a Fulda police officer spotted him later that night drinking at Brian's Supper Club, a report states. When the officer and a deputy approached Hawkinson, he allegedly raised his hands and told them, "Take me. I know why you're here."

During questioning, he admitted he had taken the .22 rifle. He allegedly stated he was on the property, knew about the restraining order, and remembered being warned for trespass at the property several days earlier.

The deputy spoke to Hawkinson's grandfather, who confirmed his grandson had brought him the firearm, which actually belonged to Hawkinson's father.

Bond was set at $500 for the restraining order violation and at $1,000 for the weapon possession charges.

Hawkinson has previous convictions for drug possession in Murray County and driving while impaired in Yellow Medicine County. He is on probation until August 2011 and, along with the two pending Nobles County cases, has a pending driving while impaired case in Murray County.