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Man charged with fourth DWI

Brent Kolander

WORTHINGTON -- In the past 15 years, Brent Kolander has faced criminal charges that range from bounced checks to assault to terroristic threats, has been arrested for driving after revocation five times and disorderly conduct four times.

As of Monday, he is looking at his fourth driving while impaired charge since 1995. He was charged with a gross misdemeanor DWI in 2000, along with terroristic threats and obstructing the legal process, and in early November was charged with reckless driving, disorderly conduct, terroristic threats, obstructing legal process, possession of over 1.4 grams of marijuana in a motor vehicle and DWI.

The early November cases were still pending when he was arrested at approximately 8 p.m. on Thanksgiving after allegedly causing an accident while driving impaired. On top of the DWI charge, he also faces charged of criminal vehicular operation, test refusal, fourth-degree assault on a peace officer, obstructing legal process and open bottle.

The complaint states a Worthington police officer was called to U.S. 59/Minnesota 60 across from Buss Soccer Fields to investigates a traffic accident. As he approached the scene, he saw a red pickup in the ditch and man he recognized as Kolander standing next to its open door.

Kolander was allegedly unsteady on his feet and smelled of alcohol. The complaint states he became verbally abusive when the officer tried to speak with him. Attempts were made to do field sobriety tests, but Kolander allegedly refused to listen. The officer reported Kolander stumbled when walking up out of the ditch, then tried to walk out into the middle of the road. When the office grabbed him to pull him out of the roadway, Kolander put his hands over his head and began stumbling around behaving as if he was being pushed.

Kolander refused to perform a walk and turn test, and when asked to blow into the preliminary breath test apparatus, he sucked on the stem instead.

Kolander allegedly resisted arrest while being cuffed, then referred to the officer as a "15-year-old punk" while being transported. At the law enforcement center, Kolander reportedly demanded his handcuffs be removed. When told the cuffs would stay on due to his behavior, Kolander refused to move or sit when asked, then kicked the officer in the knee. Another officer had to tase Kolander so he could be placed in a restraint chair.

Kolander refused to provide a breath sample for the Intoxilyzer, and repeatedly spoke of his belief that the officers would assault him. The drug recognition evaluator (DRE) officer noticed Kolander was easily agitated, had multiple sores on his face in various stages of healing and had bloodshot, watery eyes.

He requested an attorney, but refused to call one, wanting the officer to call for him. He then refused a blood test, saying he would break the needles off in his arm if it was attempted. He was transported to the hospital, where he was tased again after refusing to cooperate with the authorities. He had to be physically restrained while blood was drawn.

Authorities found a half-empty quart bottle of gin and a large knife on the seat of Kolander's truck. Medical reports for the driver of the vehicle Kolander hit are not yet available. He was treated and released after the crash.