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Worthington man accused of passing counterfeit currency

WORTHINGTON -- A Worthington man is facing charges of uttering or possessing counterfeit currency and theft by swindle after allegedly passing two fake $20 bills.

The charges against Brian Charles Soules, 45, stem from an incident which occurred seven months ago. Authorities were called to a convenience store May 21 regarding the possibility of counterfeit bills.

The complaint states an employee at the store had only worked there two weeks when she accepted the bills from a man who frequented the store with a small dog, she said. She had noticed the bills seemed washed out, and after the man left, she compared them to other bills and realized they were fake.

From surveillance video, another employee allegedly recognized the man who had given the clerk the bills as Soules.

The officer examined the bills in question and noted the paper didn't feel right, the serial numbers were the same and there was no watermark.

Soules allegedly used one of the bills to pay for two packs of cigarettes and asked for change for the other.

A summons for the charges was signed by a judge Friday. Soules' first court appearance is scheduled for Jan. 19 at the Prairie Justice Center.

He has a previous conviction of second-degree controlled substance possession and interference with privacy. He was sentenced in 2004 to 48 months incarceration with the Minnesota Department of Corrections.