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Syhavong sentenced again

WORTHINGTON -- Sonny Syhavong will spend another four days in jail after being sentenced Tuesday in Nobles County District Court for a misdemeanor charge of fleeing a peace officer by means other than a motor vehicle.

Syhavong, 19, pleaded guilty to the charge back in May. He originally pleaded guilty to an unrelated charge of receiving stolen property at the same time, but that case has now been dismissed.

Syhavong was sentenced to 90 days in jail, with 33 days stayed on the condition he serve 57. Since he was given credit for time served on other crimes, he only has four days of incarceration left on this sentence. He was also ordered to pay a fine and court costs of $382 and given a year of unsupervised probation. He has been ordered by the court to report to the jail on Friday.

Currently, Syhavong has burglary, conspiracy and aid and abet charges pending, and was arrested over the weekend for fifth-degree assault, disorderly conduct and illegal acts. He has a previous conviction of violation of a restraining order and a juvenile adjudication for fifth-degree assault. He was acquitted by a jury in October after being charged with robbery, theft and assault in a mugging case.