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Unknown injuries in 20-vehicle crash

PEMBINA, N.D. - WDAZ TV in Grand Forks is reporting a 20-vehicle crash on Interstate 29 near Pembina. The roadway between Grand Forks and the U.S.-Canada border has since been closed.

In addition, U.S. Highway 2 between Crookston and East Grand Forks is closed due to poor travel conditions brought on by a snowstorm.

The Pembina County Sheriff's Department responded to a report of several cars bumping into each other between Cavalier, N.D. and I-29. An ambulance was dispatched for a woman who reportedly struck her head, the sheriff's department said.

There are injuries suspected in the multi-vehicle accident, but authorities don't know how many or how severe they are yet.

Emergency and rescue people are arriving on the crash scene.