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Search warrant nets four arrests

Homan1 / 4
Chairakoun2 / 4
Ramirez3 / 4
Souckhamthath4 / 4

WORTHINGTON -- A search warrant executed Monday netted arrests of four Worthington residents for fifth-degree possession of a controlled substance and storing methamphetamine paraphernalia in the presence of a child.

Thavone Tommy Chairakoun, 22, Khamsone Joe Soukhamthath, 21, Roberta Renee Ramirez, 19, and Chelsea Lynn Homan, 19, made court appearances Wednesday and bail amounts were set.

Homan was released on her own recognizance, while bail was set at $1,000 for Chairakoun and Soukhamthath and at $2,500 for Ramirez. Homan was denied a public defender, while the other three applications were approved.

The criminal complaint states agents of the Buffalo Ridge Drug Task Force knocked at a door on Morningside Drive at 12:38 p.m. Monday, but no one answered the door. After identifying themselves, the agents entered through the unlocked door and found Chairakoun in the kitchen. In the basement, they found Soukhamthath and Ramirez.

All three were arrested and transported to the Nobles County Jail.

In the basement, agents found both a plastic baggie and a broken pipe that contained meth residue. In a bedroom on the main floor, another pipe with residue was found, along with an ID card for Chairakoun.

While searching Chairakoun's bedroom, agents found a plastic baggie on a dresser and one on a plastic stand. On the TV stand, they found a glass pipe with meth residue and a bottle of unknown pills, along with various children's toys.

On the porch adjacent to Chairakoun's room, an agent found a baby spoon laying on top a small dorm refrigerator. The spoon tested positive for meth residue.

While the agent was searching, Homan arrived at the residence. She told the agent she had a child with Chairakoun, and they had stayed in his room the previous night.

She allegedly said she did not use meth and was unaware of any drug use in the residence. The agent told her he did not believe her, since her school books were found on the same stand as a meth pipe.

She was arrested and taken to the Nobles County Jail.

The agents continued their search, finding a marijuana pipe and another plastic baggie with meth residue.

In a downstairs bedroom, an agent found a hidden storage area, which, when forced open, allegedly contained two bank bags matching the description of bank bags stolen from El Tio Nacho during a burglary. On of the bags had the words "El Tio" written on the side.

At the law enforcement center, Chairakoun agreed to give a statement. He said he was trying to turn his life around, and had started using meth at age 18. He allegedly admitted the pipe on the TV stand was his and that the baggies in his room were from "before." He said Homan was his girlfriend, that she does not use meth and that she had told him more than once to get the meth items in the house picked up. He allegedly admitted the baby spoon the agent found belonged to his 21-month-old daughter.

Soukhamthath stated during an interview that he lived in the basement part of the house and hadn't smoked meth for more than two years. He did admit that both he and his girlfriend, Ramirez, smoke marijuana. He claimed the baggie in the room belonged to his brother or his brother's friends.

Ramirez also reportedly admitted to using marijuana, and said she was aware meth was being used at the house.

Homan initially denied any involvement or knowledge of narcotics use at the Chairakoun house, but eventually admitted she knew her boyfriend used meth. She admitted she had asked him to clean up the meth paraphernalia in the bedroom, but said she did not know anything was in the room the previous night.

Ramirez has a theft conviction from September 2009 and is currently on probation. Chairakoun is also on probation, and has previous convictions for driving after suspension, fifth-degree assault, theft and various traffic infractions.