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Fix on the way for aquatic center leaks

WORTHINGTON --Rumors of severe leaks in a local pool will soon be swirling down the drain.

There have been two leaks located in the City of Worthington Aquatic Center, but they will be repaired without major construction on the pool.

Aqua Logic Inc., the company that built the center, found the leaks in the pool's floor earlier this week.

"There's some caulk that's failing that's allowing water to leave the pool and drain out," explained Andy Johnson, executive director of the Worthington Area YMCA-DeGroot Family Center and aquatic center. "They will replace and repair the caulk and repair whatever joints have to be fixed."

The pool will be drained for repairs Feb. 21 and should reopen about two weeks later, Johnson said.

"The construction managers have been very responsive," he reported. "We want to get to it as fast as we can to get back to business and get people swimming again."

The problem was first discovered in early January, but a temporary fix of the leaks didn't work. The repair date was set for later this month to allow the YMCA's swimming classes to finish; the next session of classes will start a few weeks later and run a few weeks later.

The cost of water loss, chemical loss and fuel loss to heat the water will be reimbursed by Waconia-based Aqua Logic, Johnson said. The city and YMCA will not face any additional costs.

"It's part of their construction contract to come fix the pool during the warranty period," explained Johnson. Because the facility opened the last day in October 2009, that warranty has not yet expired. He is not sure exactly how much water has been lost from the pool, but said it was enough to get the staff's attention.

"The contractors feel confident they can get in there and get the job done and do it in a timely fashion so we can open again," Johnson assured.