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Roof collapses at Farley's & Sathers

Ryan McGaughey/Daily Globe The roof over the warehouse at Farley's and Sathers in Round Lake gave way over the weekend. Although water was leaking and the smell of gas present, no one was injured in the collapse.

ROUND LAKE -- A roof collapse at Farley's & Sathers in Round Lake over the weekend resulted in gas and water lines being severed inside one of the warehouses. No one was injured in the incident.

The Round Lake Fire Department was paged to the scene at approximately 10:45 a.m. Sunday, after the alarm system inside the facility was activated.

"There was a pressure loss on the sprinkler system when the water pipes were severed," said Round Lake Fire Chief Mike Smith, whose department spent nearly an hour on the scene.

"When we showed up the roof was collapsed and we could smell gas, and water was coming out of the doors," Smith added. "One of the guys that worked there went in and shut the water off and the city shut the gas off."

Considerable damage was done to the receiving area of the facility. At least seven large doors buckled after the roof collapsed and the wall along the receiving dock began to fall in.

Michelle Graber, public relations manager with Farley's & Sathers, said it was fortunate no one was injured.

"There was snow buildup on the roof and it caused the roof to collapse in Warehouse 2," said Graber. "We did have no injuries, (for which) we are very grateful. No one was there at the time."

Graber had no details on the extent of the damage to the building or anything inside.

"We are inspecting the rest of the property and assessing the property damage that was done," she said on Monday afternoon. "They are very concerned about safety, so they're not letting anyone back there at this time."

The warehouse area of Farley's & Sathers has not been in use since the company closed its packaging, warehousing and shipping divisions in mid-January.

Smith, who returned to the scene on Monday, said the company had people scooping snow off the roof of the former packaging facility to try to prevent additional collapses.

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