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Pool should reopen Monday

WORTHINGTON -- Repairs to the City of Worthington Aquatics Center have been completed, and the pool is set to reopen Monday morning, said Andy Johnson, executive director of the Worthington Area YMCA-DeGroot Family Center.

Several leaks in the pool's caulk joints were removed last week.

"There's been a series of different materials that have been used to make the repairs to the specifications of the pool designer," Johnson said.

He said a representative from pool designer U.S. Aquatics approved the repairs before their completion last Thursday. A few days were allowed to give joint repairs time to cure and settle, and staff began refilling the pool Wednesday.

"We were able to take advantage of this time to make other repairs," explained Johnson. "The viewing area railing had some issues that needed to be repaired; those are done."

The sealant on the concrete pool deck also wasn't performing as well as expected, and the deck was cleaned and resealed with "wonderful" results, Johnson reported.

The pool was drained for repairs on Feb. 21 after leaks were discovered in January. Waconia-based pool construction company Aqua Logic Inc. will reimburse the city for losses caused by the leaks.