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Area teens elected state FFA officers

Submitted Photo The newly elected Minnesota FFA Officer team includes vice president Liz Rabbe (from left) of Martin County West; secretary Erin Daninger of Forest Lake; reporter Kirsten Pagel of Fulda; treasurer Maddie Collin of Southwest Star Concept; president Jason Troendle of St. Charles; and sentinel Justin Crowley of Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted.

WORTHINGTON -- The Region VI FFA chapters and its members excelled at the Minnesota FFA Convention earlier this week in the Twin Cities, with a first place FFA Creed speaker, four first place judging teams and two former chapter presidents elected to state FFA offices.

Maddie Collin, a senior at Southwest Star Concept and sophomore at Minnesota West Community & Technical College, was elected treasurer, while Kirsten Pagel, a senior at Fulda High School, was elected reporter. Both served as Region VI FFA officers this past year -- Pagel as president and Collin as vice president.

"It's been my dream to be a state officer," said Pagel, whose dad, Mike, is the Fulda FFA Chapter advisor. "FFA has been a part of my life for a really, really long time. It's always been a dream for me to be one of those six individuals who gets to lead the state FFA Association."

Collin, who didn't have an agriculture background before joining the FFA, had set her sights on a state officer position four years ago.

"I just wanted to be a part of the team," she said. "I joined FFA my freshman year, and the officer team that year was really inspirational. I always wanted to know what that was like."

Collin said the officer team in 2006-2007 motivated her to excel in the FFA, and she now looks forward to the opportunity to motivate others.

As state FFA officers, Pagel and Collin will present leadership workshops throughout the year and visit FFA chapters across the state. They will also conduct the State Greenhand Leadership Camp in late June and the State Leadership Camp for Chapter Leaders in mid-July.

As state FFA Reporter, Pagel will also compile the FFA's bi-monthly newsletter and handle public relations matters for the FFA during the coming year.

Twenty-one FFA members from across Minnesota vied for the six spots on the state officer team. The newly elected officers will complete orientation within the next month, and serve in their role until the 2011 Minnesota FFA Convention -- or as Collin said, the next 525,600 minutes that began to count down after the officer slate was announced.

Team and individual Career Development Event contest rankings are as follows:

Agricultural Sales (17 teams): Jackson County Central, second place. Team members and individual rankings if in the top 10 are: Abby Moses, 1, Alex Hohenstein, 2, Ike Pohlman and Andrew Paulson.

Agriculture Mechanics (34 teams): Jackson County Central, fourth place: Austin Lucht, 3, Tyler Zebedee, 8, and Josh Bretzman. Fulda, sixth place: Mitch Bergman, 5, Matt Kremer, Scott Cowan and Luther Dittman.

FFA Creed Speaking (18 individuals): Mallory Pagel, Fulda, first; Daniel Oeltjenbruns, Mountain Lake-Butterfield-Odin, silver ranking.

Crops (37 teams): Jackson County Central, second place: Kyle Edlin, 2, Bryce Christopher, 4, Alison Tate, 5, and Justin Cook, 8. Mountain Lake-Butterfield-Odin, third place: Chris Welp, 7, Trey Hopwood, Salena Phommahaxay and Shane Wellman. Fulda, 25th place: Jacob Cuperus, John Salentiny, Paul Duerr and Luke Swanson. Southwest Star Concept, 32nd place: Jennifer Schmidt, Ashley Hussong, Alyssa Hendrickson and Collyn Clark.

Dairy Evaluation (59 teams): Windom, 11th place: Chelsey Johnson, Cassidi Winter, Nathan Remmers and Jacob Johnson. Pipestone Area, 13th place: Jordan Evans, Meg Viland, Angela Stevens and Bryce Veldkamp. Fulda, 40th place: Nathan Getting, Justin Smith, Jeremy Johnson and Amanda Schumacher. Westbrook-Walnut Grove, 49th place: Dalton Taylor, Scott Wenninger, Dinny Yang and Karleyn Deprez.

Dairy Handler (29 individuals): Kyle Jans, Fulda, 10; Adam Brands, Luverne; Steve Cowan, Fulda; and Cole Sinnamon, Fulda.

Dairy Foods (40 teams): Westbrook-Walnut Grove, second place: Cedar Yang, 1; Jenew Yang, Betty Yang and Ia Ong Vue. Jackson County Central, seventh place: Paige Grussing, 10; Shalee Nelson, Ariel Svoboda and Laura Einertson. Worthington, 13th place: Jenn Scholtes, Kelsey Ray, Maggie Fornoff and Karlee Gustaf.

Extemporaneous Speaking (10 individuals): Maddie Collin, Southwest Star Concept, third; Allison Jaycox, Worthington, sixth.

Farm Management (29 teams): Westbrook-Walnut Grove, fourth place: Kallie Gundermann, 6; Alexis Quade, Rachel Christians and Kelsey Mischke. Mountain Lake-Butterfield-Odin, 10th place: Steven Herrig, Kaleb Grev, Billy Southivong and Nathan Dukes. Southwest Star Concept, 12th place: Katey Granstra, Ashley Bartosh, Amanda Bartosh and Austin Droll. Fulda, 17th place: Devin Kuehne, Paul Olsem, David Cowan and Ben Lutterman.

Fish and Wildlife Management (55 teams): Mountain Lake-Butterfield-Odin, first place: Will Dunker, 2, Tyler Hamilton, 8, Kyle Fast, 9, and Cody Adrian. Jackson County Central, eighth place: Joey Boyer, 7, Ethan Voss, Brady Bass and Andrew Dose. Westbrook-Walnut Grove, 19th place: Shane Schoborg, Feng Vue, Josh Gundermann and Tong Vang. Worthington, 27th place: Dayton Williamson, Evan Almberg, Kyle Wiese and Stuart Rogers.

Floriculture (37 teams): Windom, second place: Mike Farrell, 1, Andrea Muller, 5, Nathan Schweigert and Kayla Haglund. Southwest Star Concept, third place: Kelli Schmitz, 9, Loretta Bartosh, Valoree Stevenson and Kristi Lubben. Jackson County Central, fourth: Taylor Egeland, 8, Megan Johnson, Emily Arndt and Amanda Stubbe. Mountain Lake-Butterfield-Odin, seventh place: Haley Hamilton, Lydia Wallert, Jessica Sawatzky and Rojas Adilene. Westbrook-Walnut Grove, ninth place: Marissa Harnack, Molly Jarmer, Amber West and Alex Mischke. Pipestone Area, 16th place: Kayla Quincey, Ashley Raschke and Emma Shriver. Worthington, 26th place: Erin Peterson, Nikki Russell, Lauren LeBrun and Chelsey Harberts.

Forestry (39 teams): Mountain Lake-Butterfield-Odin, fourth place: Britton Pankratz, 8, Kyle Blomgren, Adam Blomgren and Alex Schultz. Jackson County Central, seventh place: Courtney Donnelli, 9, Kadie Grages and Breanne Rentschler. Southwest Star Concept, 33rd place: Jameson Collin and Brady Hall.

Horse Evaluation (52 teams): Jackson County Central, third place: Hailey Ehlers, Lauren Vacek, Leslie Handzus and Courtney Kruse. Fulda, 35th place: Macy Baerenwald, Brenda Paulzine, Reva Johnson and Nicole Leinen. Pipestone Area, 41st place: Karli Ryan, Vanessa Wolfswinkle, Becky Keller and Dana Wolfswinkle.

Job Interview (17 individuals): Alexis Quade, Westbrook-Walnut Grove, sixth.

Livestock Evaluation (61 teams): Jackson County Central, first place: Evan Koep, 1, Zach Post, 2, Kate Anderson and Tanner Post. Pipestone Area, seventh place: Samantha Berg, 9, Jaden Carlson, Ryan VanHoecke and Brandi Raatz. Windom, 11th place: John Curley, 10, Laura Schoneman and Alex Sykora. Worthington, 26th place: Greg Newman, Deron Soderholm, Mark Schutte and Logan Neyens. Luverne, 30th place: Shelby Springman, Lucas Nath and Lyndsey Fodness. Mountain Lake-Butterfield-Odin, 34th place: Beau Herrig, Dylan Oeltjenbruns, Matt Willaby and Daniel Oeltjenbruns.

Meats Evaluation (35 teams): Southwest Star Concept, first place: Maddie Collin, 1, Lindsey Thurk, 2, Austin Liepold, 4, and Megan Thurk, 8. Westbrook-Walnut Grove, second place: Zach Otto, 3, Andrew Merrick, 7, David McClellan and Aaron Theisen. Worthington, third place: Stephanie Behrends, 5, Sabrina Klein, 6, and Kirsten Aljets. Fulda, fourth place: Eileen Heintz, 9, Jalen Getting, Alex Getting and Nate Fremstad. Pipestone Area, fifth place: Jenny Vandenbosch, 10, Skylar Versteeg and Cassidy Fenton. Jackson County Central, seventh place: Jordan Phibbs, Jordan Snyder and Cassie Ulbricht.

Novice Parliamentary Procedure (eight teams): Jackson County Central, second place.

Nursery/Landscape (38 teams): Mountain Lake-Butterfield-Odin, first place: Sada Kliewer, 2, Brette Pankratz, 5, Karina Fast, 6, and Brianna Welp. Windom, fifth place: Derek Davis, Elliot Wiens, Morgan Arndt and Matt Moller. Worthington, 12th place: Nicole Cullinan, Derek Lee and Kayli Kuhl. Southwest Star Concept, 15th place: Eric Haberman, Stuart Schumacher, Devyn Stenzel and Erin Liepold. Jackson County Central, 20th place: Kailey Keck, Kristin Schulz, Brooke Arndt and Ashley Grussing.

Parliamentary Procedure (18 teams): Pipestone Area, bronze ranking.

Poultry Evaluation (incomplete results): Fulda, third place; Jackson County Central, fifth place.

Prepared Public Speaking (17 individuals): Jackie Martin, Worthington, second; Kirsten Pagel, Fulda, silver ranking.

Soils (42 teams): Westbrook-Walnut Grove, third place: Madeline Frank, 4, Anne Woelber, 6, Kasia Her and Kolee Yang. Pipestone Area, 13th place: Cassy Griebel, Ethan Baatz and Joe Baustain. Fulda, 21st place: Michelle Hart, Erica Olsem and Sara Olsem. Hills-Beaver Creek, 33rd place: Justin Esselink and Seth Nuffer.

Not all CDE results were available as of press time Wednesday.

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