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Class of 2010: Naab marches to the beat of her own drum

Deann Naab

WORTHINGTON -- When Deann Naab arrives at tonight's Worthington High School prom, she'll be decked out in Trojan red and black. The color scheme of her attire wasn't a planned thing, just an appropriate coincidence.

"I went with the school colors," she said with a laugh. "I tried it on in purple first. That color wasn't very flattering on me, but I liked the dress, so I ordered it in red and black."

The prom festivities will conclude what was shaping up to be a momentous week for Deann. She was slated to make her final choice of college between Augustana College in Sioux Falls, S.D., or South Dakota State University in Brookings.

"I'm thinking about either computers -- graphic design -- or pharmacy, and SDSU is a good school for both of those," she explained. "Augustana -- I like their band program. I've worked in their honor bands over there. It all comes down to which atmosphere I like better. ... I've been accepted (at both schools) for a while; it's just the decision-making time is right now."

Earlier in the week, she wasn't leaning one way or the other -- even though her boyfriend, Matt Tims, is currently a sophomore at Augustana -- and was considering asking for an extension on making this decision that could greatly impact her future.

The daughter of Al and Deb Broesder of Worthington, Deann moved with her family to Worthington from Sibley, Iowa, when she was in the fourth grade. Since she was "pretty outgoing," Deann made friends quickly in her new school and became involved in many activities over the years.

Music, in particular, has been a outlet for Deann's talents. She's in both band and choir and related school ensembles and was involved with the annual musical theater production all four years.

"I'm a percussionist," she said about being in band, where she is currently a section leader. "I started band in fifth grade, started piano in kindergarten or first grade. I quit piano lessons in ninth grade because it didn't fit in with my schedule of activities."

Band is something she hopes to continue in college, although it will be a pleasant diversion from her studies, not a focus of her education.

"I got interested in computer graphics when I took an independent study in graphics," she explained about the careers she is considering. "I got interested in making logos, printmaking, and I made a few T-shirts for activities. One of my cousins is going for pharmacy, and he really likes it. I think I'd like a field like that, and the money is a consideration."

Once her college choice is nailed down, Deann figures her path of study will become clearer. In the meantime, she's caught up in the final days of her high school career and admits to a severe case of senioritis.

"I've liked math, music, science," she detailed about her educational pursuits. "I like Spanish for some reason. I went on a mission trip to El Salvador last summer, and that came in handy. We worked with children's ministries, and if they'd talk slow enough I could understand it and come back with a one-word response."

Currently, Deann's class schedule includes physics, advanced placement calculus, band and choir. When she couldn't find a class to fit into a current quarter opening, she became a media aide at Prairie Elementary during the fourth block. She enjoys working with the younger kids.

"I help with the middle school band, help Mr. Anderson with his summer band stuff," she added. "I did the after-school drumming program with Robby Vargas at the (Nobles County Integration) Collaborative. The instruction videos were hilarious. The guy in them was too funny."

Deann is currently the treasurer of the WHS National Honor Society and is involved in SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions). As a junior, she served on the prom committee, and she was honored to be part of the senior homecoming court earlier this year. In past years, she's participated in both cross country and track and was involved in the Circle Mentor program.

"I'm the senior class president, so I'm currently working on my speech for graduation," she noted. "I volunteered to speak, and a couple of other girls are doing it as well. ... I'm meeting with the other two girls so we don't all write the same thing, don't use the same quotes or references. As long as I can make people laugh, I enjoy giving speeches."

She also doesn't mind playing to an audience on film. Through her involvement in student council, Deann was part of a group that made a short movie for the school's upcoming Movie Night.

"It's our third year doing that," she explained about what has become an annual school event, "and this year I had the initiative to make one. They're short, five- to eight-minute movies, and a couple of friends and I made a workout video. It's hilarious. We did it one day after school. The editing took a couple of days. It's not high quality, but good enough for a few laughs."

Making that movie is likely to be a fond memory of high school years down the road, as will the junior year band trip to Chicago, Deann reflected.

"I'll definitely remember the teachers, too," she said. "They definitely all have good senses of humor, and I appreciate that. That's a winner in my book."

Deann's involvement continues outside the school walls. For a couple of years, she has played drums with the worship team at her church, Solid Rock Assembly. She also volunteers in the church nursery.

And somehow, she manages to find time to work at Arby's.

"I've been there for three years -- the joys of fast food," she said with a smile. "The manager is really flexible. She knows I have a busy schedule. That's why I like working there."

When Deann does find some spare time, she hangs out with her friends, playing board games and sometimes going out to eat in Sioux Falls.

"And there are always the homework parties that turn into procrastination parties," she added. "The majority of my friends are also in band and choir, so we like to get together and play."

Above all, Deann likes to laugh -- a melodic giggle frequently punctuates her conversation -- and she hopes that laughter will be one of the things her high school classmates will remember about her.

"I think I'm pretty laidback," she described. "I enjoy a good life. I like to be serious, but not too serious. I like to be optimistic. That's how I like to roll. The glass is half full, not half empty.

Beth Rickers

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