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Multi-county forger in custody

Larry Mark Senne

WORTHINGTON -- He has multiple forgery convictions in a variety of counties across southern Minnesota and owes more than $10,000 for court fees and restitution from the past decade.

And he will be heading to this area soon -- with what law enforcement officers hope is their escort.

After filing charges Wednesday against Larry Mark Senne, 41, the Worthington Police Department and Nobles County District Court have taken a place in the line of counties looking to get their hands on him.

The charges filed against Senne in Nobles County include check forgery and theft by swindle. According to the criminal complaint, Senne also allegedly committed check forgery crimes in Cottonwood, Rock and Pipestone Counties, but the charges were consolidated into the Nobles County complaint.

Senne, who lived in Mankato, is now in the custody of the Olmsted County Jail. According to jail records, he was picked up Wednesday, the same day charges were filed against him in Nobles County. There was already a warrant out for his arrest from Blue Earth County, which has first dibs.

The complaint states the check incidents took place in southwest Minnesota between late March and early April 2009. A detective received reports in May 2009 that a man had stolen and forged checks and forged deposit slips to obtain cash from Worthington banks. In the course of the investigation, the detective learned of similar transactions in Nobles and nearby counties.

One Worthington bank reported an incident that occurred March 26, in which a man presented a check for $475 and a deposit slip that requested $200 cash back. The balance of the check was to be deposited in the customer's account. The check was written on a victim's account at American Bank and purported to be signed by him. The back of the check was purported to be endorsed by the local bank customer. The teller processed the transaction, giving the man $200.

Both the American Bank account owner, who lives in Haywood, and the local bank account customer later signed affidavits indicating the check was forged or unauthorized.

The exact same scenario played out at another Worthington bank April 1, 2009. The check was written on the account of a man from Medford and deposited into a local bank customer's account. The suspect again requested $200 in cash and received it. This time, however, the man came through the drive-up window. Surveillance video from the bank showed a clean shaven man wearing sunglasses and driving a dark colored Pontiac.

Two incidents occurred in Rock County, one of which used the man from Haywood's check. The local victims believed the deposit slip had been removed from their cars. In the second incident, a debit and credit card were stolen after a vehicle was burglarized. The bank had footage of a man using an automated teller machine to access cash. The footage showed a man driving a dark colored Pontiac Grand Prix.

In this instance, the bank manager called authorities and stated he saw the same vehicle and wrote down the license plate number. Authorities traced the plate back to Senne. His driver's license photo matched the man seen in the surveillance video.

Reports of the same type of incident came from Pipestone and Cottonwood counties.

The Worthington detective also spoke with a detective in Blue Earth County who was investigating the same type of crime. The Blue Earth detective had been in contact with Senne at one point and confirmed that the photos from Worthington seemed to be of the same man. The photos were also shown to Senne's direct supervisor at his former place of employment. The supervisor confirmed that the photos were of Senne.

An investigator in Winona County shared with the Worthington detective photos of Senne going through drive-up lanes at various banks in that area. Senne's last known address was in Wabasha.

The total amount of checks presented in Nobles, Rock, Pipestone and Cottonwood counties is $2,925. Cash paid out to the suspect totals $1,200.

Since 1997, Senne has been charged with check forgery or counterfeit check possession at least 13 times in 11 counties.

In 2004 in Sibley County, Senne was allegedly caught by the Winthrop police chief when he attempted to burglarize the garage of the chief's neighbor. The chief saw a truck stop in front of his house at 3 a.m., and watched a man walk toward his house. After going out to locate the man, the chief found Senne attempting to open the neighbor's garage door. When the chief and another officer searched Senne's truck, they allegedly found check blanks and deposit slips bearing 17 different names.

Senne is currently on parole that stems from a forgery conviction in Blue Earth County. He was scheduled to appear for a bail hearing Thursday morning in Mankato.