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Minnesota60 project to be rebid

MANKATO -- The Minnesota Department of Transportation will rebid the Minnesota 60 four-lane expansion project south of Worthington in the upcoming weeks because of a discrepancy in the construction plan that could affect the final cost of the project.

"MnDOT did not accurately depict the amount of earth work that needs to be done, so it had to do with quantities of materials," explained Rebecca Arndt, the public affairs coordinator for MnDOT Transportation District 7.

The project will begin later this summer and completion is still expected in 2011, Arndt said. Road work was previously slated to begin in July.

"We need to advertise (bids) for four weeks, but because the contractors know the project is out there, it may be reduced to three weeks," she said. "It could be a month plus before the bids are let."

This six-mile segment of Minnesota 60 is one of three segments of Minnesota 60 south of Interstate 90 at Worthington that will be constructed during the next three years.