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Wind project proceeds

LAKEFIELD -- After discussions with utility Indianapolis Power & Light, enXco's 137-tower wind project near Lakefield will proceed, with construction projected to begin in the spring of 2011.

"We're very pleased to be able to move forward with this project," said Sandi Briner, Director of Marketing and Communications with enXco.

The project had been put on by IPL, which terminated its power purchase agreement with enXco in March. After the termination, enXco initiated arbitration proceedings against IPL and after further negotiations the two resumed the original power purchase agreement, with no changes apart from a revised timeline resulting from the earlier termination.

The Lakefield wind project will include 137 1.5 megawatt wind towers and Jackson County will receive approximately $625,000 in taxes from them.

Building will begin in spring, as soon as the thaw and road regulations regarding heavy loads permit, and should be complete in September.

Representatives of Indianapolis Power & Light could not be reached for comment.